Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Tonight, let your substance ascend

establish my dreams with flesh

let your kisses travel distances and oceans

swallowing fresh my glances with your legs of


Cover me with your persimmon shape

collapsing my passion from behind you

bend the night like a sheet covering my eyes

with your delicate mouth.

Moist flower corrode my shoulders

with your galloping breath of roses,

break my flesh, weight my heart

with softness and ankles,

surround my swollen timbers.

Let your bosom satiate my bones

penetrating my face with flowing hair

envelop me with chins and teeth

gingerly grating my skin delicately

with hunger.

Encompass me with fragrant dampness

that tastes like a pomegranate sweating,

press against my body with mounting sighs.

O sweet night scantily clad and sheer.

Extinguish my impulses to flee and let me

embrace the night,

gather your fingers like chains thirsty.

Impale me with amorous writhing.

Enclose me like the foam is

enclosed by the sea.

Kevin Harling.


Tourmaline ankles

like the wind

stretch my eyes gravity


I reach your

soft vellum

flesh of apricot toes

cradle it within my hands.

I am impressed by

the architecture

how it sways and swings

like a bridge

spanning all my horizons.

I have seen beauty

but upon the ground

it has no equal.

Kevin Harling.

Saturday, January 16, 2010


The Remains of the Days

The wind drooped like a curtain

calling out your name

from the ashes,

embers of last summer’s eyes

still remaining in the loam.

I have baked many loaves

encrusted them with miniature

cranberry clocks.

We are all keeping time

watching from windows

and verandas.

Yesterday is a soft shoe shuffle

of all my today’s and tomorrow’s,

I can never utter the words Goodbye.

The iridescent wind

will always call out your name.

I am Human

I am a flawed caterpillar crawling on my knees

I have seventeen legs with which I see

I have blue perforated tentacles for ears

I spin webs of non truth just for kicks

I regurgitate my own laughter for amusement

I walk upside down on my hands

I am imperfection perfected

I look for love in all the wrong places

I am human after all.

Kevin Harling.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

2 New Poems


Like a stone I abandoned the sun drops

of jasmine, I chose to runaway from the rain,

my footsteps eroding like pumice, one by one.

What couldn’t you understand ?

My palms sweating like sage words spoken


Today feels like a getaway,

the day a lamb to be sacrificed.

It’s all eroding like a curtain falling

all around me,

this skin an abrasion of today.

Why couldn’t you understand ?

I bled blue ink in indiscriminate lines,

for what ?

I am faraway now, beyond the clouds listening eyes.

You can look for me but

I have already gone.

Kevin Harling.

Did I Hear You Correctly ?

Denial is a bench I loitered on

on the runaway at O’Hara Airport

in New Orleans,

where I was waiting for the answers

to the questions I emailed you a month ago.

It is my quandary of quicksand

in which I am sinking like

an over steeped teabag in a saucer.

I must not have been paying attention

to the prompts or something.

All through my head was a river

or rushing gigabytes of useless information.

It had to be denial I left waiting

out my eyes window sill.

Denial I couldn’t face yesterday

or today or tomorrow.

Planes are taking off beside me

and still I am,

I am waiting for the answer.

Kevin Harling.