Saturday, January 16, 2010


The Remains of the Days

The wind drooped like a curtain

calling out your name

from the ashes,

embers of last summer’s eyes

still remaining in the loam.

I have baked many loaves

encrusted them with miniature

cranberry clocks.

We are all keeping time

watching from windows

and verandas.

Yesterday is a soft shoe shuffle

of all my today’s and tomorrow’s,

I can never utter the words Goodbye.

The iridescent wind

will always call out your name.

I am Human

I am a flawed caterpillar crawling on my knees

I have seventeen legs with which I see

I have blue perforated tentacles for ears

I spin webs of non truth just for kicks

I regurgitate my own laughter for amusement

I walk upside down on my hands

I am imperfection perfected

I look for love in all the wrong places

I am human after all.

Kevin Harling.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

2 New Poems


Like a stone I abandoned the sun drops

of jasmine, I chose to runaway from the rain,

my footsteps eroding like pumice, one by one.

What couldn’t you understand ?

My palms sweating like sage words spoken


Today feels like a getaway,

the day a lamb to be sacrificed.

It’s all eroding like a curtain falling

all around me,

this skin an abrasion of today.

Why couldn’t you understand ?

I bled blue ink in indiscriminate lines,

for what ?

I am faraway now, beyond the clouds listening eyes.

You can look for me but

I have already gone.

Kevin Harling.

Did I Hear You Correctly ?

Denial is a bench I loitered on

on the runaway at O’Hara Airport

in New Orleans,

where I was waiting for the answers

to the questions I emailed you a month ago.

It is my quandary of quicksand

in which I am sinking like

an over steeped teabag in a saucer.

I must not have been paying attention

to the prompts or something.

All through my head was a river

or rushing gigabytes of useless information.

It had to be denial I left waiting

out my eyes window sill.

Denial I couldn’t face yesterday

or today or tomorrow.

Planes are taking off beside me

and still I am,

I am waiting for the answer.

Kevin Harling.