Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Autumn Winds, Bring Confessions

For you I will ascend the mountain republics
climb the scales of any height, I will forage in the rain soaked dirt,
I will swim any water-falling ocean, I will move any stone blockade,
open any door of thorns, nothing can deter this spirit now.

You have cleared all the bramble, diluted all the brine,
exhausted all my excuses, for to you I am an open book,
all my pages sheer and revealed, I cannot hide for the sky
would surely embrace your call.

I feel the weight of your presence surrounding me, your
eyelash substances, your fingernail manicured lips pouting
just so, how in a flicker I come undone, my heart racing like a
galloping mollusk towards your shores.

I am silk to your touch, my cheeks like reddened grapes,
my hands meeting this earth that is you.

How immaculate the sensations you arouse, how utterly
transparent my guise of feigning your kiss, how foolish a
man can be, I lose sight of my face in your face, I am
glass and you are crystal, shimmering diamonds and still.

I have tasted the roses blood in you, felt their petals tremble,
seen my heart flicker in the shadow of your lips of gossamer,
I am drowning in a sea of love, in a bliss so deep I can't tell
where the sky ends and the water begins.

But please don't save me.

How solemnly bliss are these moments of flickering light,
how serene these nocturnal breaths like tides sweeping the sky,
sweeping in unpronounced and yet with such clarity of vision,
this is
a sky undone by your gaze, by your uncomplicated ways,
like a dove you hover in my light, speaking soft delights,
ushering in each new day, like a feather air bound and wistful.

How beauty shows its peach in each refined word you polish,
the way your lips wrap themselves around each letter and utter
them tenderly, naturally, the way they were meant to be spoken.

How can I follow such magnificent lines, flowing like a spring brook
shedding its winter retreat, cascading like blue waterfall, elegantly
falling from your tender pomegranate mouth into my reservoir.

I am fondling the dew here among a field of stars, sauntering like
a bumblebee, happy and gay, not a care in this world or any other,
your words take me away, whisked like a magic carpet to some
magical plateau high above any clouds known to man.

I hope that my words don't fall short, that I don't fumble or
falter, for you deserve perfect crafted honeydew syllables,
you deserve to be swept into the heavens on a chariot made of gold
kisses with arms that embrace you so tenderly that it makes a mother
weep with contented joy.

Forgive me if you hear my heart patter, I am feeling overwhelmed,
you have intoxicated my world with wine and song, made every hour
seem like it could not be outmatched, stretched the ocean with
strands of pure silk, made the nights taste like satin, and all I
can do is dream about your aquamarine distance, how miles apart
you inhabit every minute like time.

Like a marble block you have chiseled away the excess,
your noble hands extracting my sculpture, slowly
and with such attention to detail, refining,
bringing to blossom my once granite features.

I stood watching your delicate trillium fingers,
delving deeper into my skin, molding and
furrowing to the roots, such delicacy the way
you accentuated these features, carving my flesh
like earth.

I could not help but ponder why? Why you would invest
so much time and effort into this lifeless figure?
And yet beneath this cold stone exterior, I felt my
heart stir like violin strings, the adagio you were
composing with each beautiful chip.

My armour has been exposed, you the butterfly who
gave me wings, wings to fly further than the sky,
to soar where air breathes life.

To where can I send my gratitude if not to the stars
that twinkle within your eyes, where do I announce my
thankfulness for your dexterity, your graceful touch
that sheds all my pasts, you gave me the light, you
ushered away all the darkness.

You are my temple, you are a pillar of soft white kisses, I am pierced eternally by your jasmine presence that builds and lifts me up like a column
of scented dew.

I am enamoured by you my architect, my darling
luminous cloud of silver linings, to you there is no end but only beginnings.

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