Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Seeking Solitude Standing


You have become the dawn alabaster, the pearl cheeks of my breath, you are the wide open vista of dusk, crimson and recoiling about my waist, you are the blue wandering rays of sunshine I set off into. O poetry my solace, the hand I reach for, your simple
lines of flesh, peach and succulent. I wear your cloth of satin, feeling it cling like the sun, bathing me in tourmaline radiance, holding me like a swan. In your reeds I wade the waters, lingering like a firefly, your brow my mantle, the place where love hovers and surrounds time like a vestment. I return to your hours of patient solitude,meandering like a dove who needs no wings, for you are flight. O poetry, my enchanting tall sycamore grasses that sing lullaby's, you are the soft gentle wind, the Heaven to which I sink my teeth, I kneel in your bosom, a child in safe haven.
Cover me with your orange verses, swaddle my chin with the perfumed nectar of myrrh, speak to me as if
you are all I ever need to hear.

Kevin Harling.

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