Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Laying it Out in the Open

Soul Bleeding: A Song For You

Somersaulting depths I have traversed oceans drifting further from the source, You,
I have swam channels of thickets looking for, You,
I have transcribed every constellation dreaming of, You,
and still I could not see the Lighthouse, You,
I have felt you call through the mists of a thousand sleepless tears
and still turned the other cheek,
I have languished ink until the pen screamed stop, hoping for, You,
I the fool who refused the sky its breath, who sold the seas salt,
lost in a wilderness of crumbling lines, waiting for, you.

Where, when, how does this happen like wind, the petals that fall
like a stubborn rain upon this weathered brow.
I cannot make anymore excuses nor run anywhere but closer, closer to still
to where your true heart roams.

It is You, the flower who taught the sky what it means to believe in blue,
who sought only to be acknowledged with whispers,
It is You, the beating heart of every letter I have discovered,
the rhyme of all the sentenced reason I have let erode.

Today dawns anew, these hands softened by You, these eyes that can no longer deny the earth its wings, it is You.

I sing with the dolphins, soar with cormorants, these palm wings sweating and lucid to touch, You.

I am tormented by this oblivion that casts its anchor like a tempest
the trembling pins that shake at my core announcing your departing,
how solemn this breath, black and cold,
your eyes window has shuddered my light into night,
I dare not slumber for insomnia is far better a prison sentence.
I have held the wind, felt its blazing anguish and still I need more.
This is oblivion, rank and in a state of dismay is their any repair?
to where must one turn when the sun is not permitted to smile,
I ache with knives and cold steel courses like a river through my core.
I will not silence my rebuttal against eternity, I will vanquish any storm, endure any hell, for this cannot be.
Oh vow of impoverished absence, is this death for I no longer breathe air,
I am a trampoline heartbeat of strings shivering in a world where one is not enough.
How can this be.

now as always you transfigure the letters, twist the words lips into truth, the light shines neon bright and holding fast,
entwined syllables that would rather melt than be torn apart,
I hear you heart, beating wind that sighs happily,
so be it, and yet, even in the silence it is still you,
will always be you, love does not fear distance, it treads bold,
you are the morning silhouette, the shadow creek spilling like a melody,
the chattering poplar tones of yellow,
when you dance I follow and lead, embraced by the honey,
nothing can tear asunder this bliss, we were never apart,
two rose petals molded by Cupid, destined to sing together
within the lines in each others beings

and so it ends, like today's ghost, haunted by the moonlight chant
tomorrow reigns on the horizon,
and forward is all that I see, behind is but a glimpse into a mirror
that has revealed its silver cracks,
be true to yourself my emerald pebble

Kevin Harling.

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