Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Conversations with Her Part 2

my eyes are wide shut, holding you locked with their amber gaze
here upon a mantle a gargoyle silently watching,
sitting pondering your beautiful lips that speak such perfume,
stones calm within this place,
you are the only sound I hear,
yours the only voice that feels like the softest warm drizzle,

here I am my most precious princess, waiting
time could stop or flee and here I will remain,
a guardian floating above the city clouds,
I am here with my chivalrous heart, waiting

I feel your footsteps from a thousand miles away
tenderly hovering above my brow, subtle dew,
you are a meadow harbour, a sunlit beam of radiant bliss,
you are euphoria, dreams are not made of such things,

I am here and here I shall be, gracing the hours with mindful play,
splashing in a puddle of love, O to caress your arches and sing,
to converge upon your slender limbs of elegance and delay the minutes,
your flesh tangerine glow that sends shock waves down my core,

I am here my angel, watching over the pendulum swings of moonlight,
transfixed by your ambient tones, your mellow avenues,
here I am, holding you like a diamond, your translucent prisms sparkling,
I see you, I am in you, I taste your almond butter sonnets,

Kevin Harling.

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