Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Muse Conversations Pt 1- 29

The Muse Conversations

Pt 1

What have I done to deserve so beautiful a posture,
so gracefully your words spoon my mind like a swan,
how fragile the moons glance I see flickering,
outward I sense my heart fluttering, pining all that is you,
groping in this shadowy space to hold your eyes fast,
i feel needles poking my skin, asking things I want,
you the flower of morning who summons such thoughts,
these lines a testament to my willingness to open,
I feel you my muse, every peach drop of juice you spill,
your words like sunlight warming this spirit

serenely: but with a zest, I walk water for you,
gliding without moving I glisten with your dew,
I am melting like the hours looking for you,

I palm the consonants as if your body, stroking each one
as if it is the sweetest myrrh, drinking more than my cup full,
you the blossoming light who extracts such blue wonder,

angels feign in your glowing circumstance, the way
you exalt such lofty ideals of what true love is,
pinpricks resound these lines, echoing the ground to shake,
egging mountains to move themselves, you erode all my defenses,
I am chalk white hollow bliss, surrendering the wind and sea,

I edge further crawling over broken glass and feeling no pain,
to you I would endure every hardship, any compromise,

tickling keys talk, chattering joyful sounds, swimming
rivers with hands who will not rest, I am getting closer,
I touch your apple skin, tasting the core with a foraging hunger,
to sweet cool beading lust that builds feverishly,

I denounce any worldly happiness, discarding any meaningless fancy,
for this abounds with truth, it asks nothing, demands nothing but
to be heard, to be read as if it lives, and it does live,
it grows like the fire you ignite, like the salt of my skin
you have tasted, I am nearing, hedging closer still.

Pt 2

My eyes are wide shut, holding you locked with their amber gaze
here upon a mantle a gargoyle silently watching,
sitting pondering your beautiful lips that speak such perfume,
stones calm within this place,
you are the only sound I hear,
yours the only voice that feels like the softest warm drizzle,

here I am my most precious princess, waiting
time could stop or flee and here I will remain,
a guardian floating above the city clouds,
I am here with my chivalrous heart, waiting

I feel your footsteps from a thousand miles away
tenderly hovering above my brow, subtle dew,
you are a meadow harbour, a sunlit beam of radiant bliss,
you are euphoria, dreams are not made of such things,

I am here and here I shall be, gracing the hours with mindful play,
splashing in a puddle of love, O to caress your arches and sing,
to converge upon your slender limbs of elegance and delay the minutes,
your flesh tangerine glow that sends shock waves down my core,

I am here my angel, watching over the pendulum swings of moonlight,
transfixed by your ambient tones, your mellow avenues,
here I am, holding you like a diamond, your translucent prisms sparkling,
I see you, I am in you, I taste your almond butter sonnets.

Pt 3

If you are to be written , then it will be by my words, it will be my pen outlining your sugary surfaces, my ink that will spell out your succulent geography, my syllables that will sound out your curvaceous outline, my consonants that will sound out your perfect angles, my verbs that will describe your exquisite shape, your beautiful periphery, your angular disposition that makes my eyes twinkle.
If you are to be written it shall be I who traces the lines of your opaque peach, I who climbs the summit of your fragile and tender eyes, the way they flicker with mystery in the shadows, it will be I who
swims your valleys oceans, drowning deep in your sweet waters.
If you are to be written, I will leave nothing to chance, I will detail every nuance, search every nook of your perfection and shed its fleshy pink beauty.
I am the author of your book, I will glean the pages with sunshine, I who sees beyond what can be seen and invests my heart in every sentence, who makes all the verses sing your virtue, you are the eloquent moon that lights up my night sky.
I am the author, the one who when all is said and done, reads every line as if it was the most precious
ever written.

Pt 4

I cannot possibly contain the stars this evening,
I cannot hold back the ocean of emotion that floods my
solitary banks. I am breached,
I tried with everything I had to sequester the wind,
but alas I fell short, and you blew a little further away,

I thought about distance and how it crowds my minds eyes,
how if I allow it, I drown in a rainfall of loneliness,
but I stopped took a deep breath, gathered hold of the reins and found sunshine, I found you
I found rainbows and tranquility dreams, I saw the sky smiling
your smile,
I descended within myself to the middle, to where everything stirs,
the place where upon my pillow heart you rest, here among the softest meadows you reside, undisturbed by miles or time, here like a morning dove
you sing to my heart so lyrically I have to stop and again catch my thoughts breath,
I feel your whispering hands upon my naked dreams, nestled upon my waist
with wild staring eyes, I lose myself in such vistas, I would sooner sleep there than be anywhere else, holding your graceful face and shielding anything away but my mouth,

I flutter amid your trembling limbs of surrender, your ruby red lips parting like the most still sea, gently I feel the surging tides of two bodies emerging, becoming the soil,
I see this place where stones sit idle, eroding to the panting breath of two who have merged into one hope, into one blissful life, entwined like the most precious yarn,

I am subdued by these thoughts, spilling like a fountain that rejuvenates my spirit with every new encounter, O such joy has never walked these paths, surely this is Heaven.

Pt 5

I listen to the sound of bluebells shimmering in the early dusk,
the way she sighs just so, crocuses and things of feather weight,
light fluffy spooned dreams, the song of a loon drifting across a
quiet blue lake.
Such places untouched by human hands, unspoiled and pristine,
the vaulted ceilings of my mind at play.
Then there is you like a lighthouse beacon in a shrouded mist,
calling me, come here, come here,
all the ocean stops rolling, the wind listens to the sirens call,
and I settle like a soft silted quilt.
You are the harbour where I seek refuge, my rejuvenating waters,
my steady rock, you make the world still.
I feel my breath in your heartbeats, in your tender sighs, in your
carefully crafted lines of liquid pumice.
I am a sponge soaking all that you let go, immersing my flesh in your supple bosom skin, I cling to your channels like a lost vessel found.
O tempest storm that brought me to your fragrant shores, I thank you,
for now this shipwrecked heart has found its sandy dunes, its coves of coral
pink eyes.
I kneel and abandon the sea, for it is your land I long to comb, your sea shell island that i want to retire to, I shiver with prayers and hands cupped in gratitude, for I am not wayward but nearer the stars than I have ever been before.
I hear your words mouth petals falling like the dew that encroaches upon the leaves, I hear because I want to listen to no other sound.

Pt 6

Like two holy temples, sacred, tenements to the faith we have both
sacrificed so much for, two red blood hearts swaying in unison,
a single wave upon an ocean sky of powder perfect blue,
together, hands held with delicate grace, sheltered, loving
and finding ways to caress anew.

This dreamland of blushing clouds, a sky that whispers sweet french kisses, the air full of tongues and fingers probing eternity,
seeking pleasure through linen lines of silk,
this haven from all that disrupts, this home of utter tranquility,
this is where you have brought me my dear.

High above the rocky turbulent world, soaring with falcons,
carefree and laughing, this language of a love that is above earthly love,
angel love, flying on wings made by Cupid himself, floating
here among the turrets of emerald towers.

I am walking on puffy white clouds, barefooted and sensing only you,
I eat your chalice of golden worship, adorned by thoughts of truth and
sincerity, nothing can sway me, no winds can take you away, you are boundless, free and walking within me.

Days meld into minutes, into hours the seconds I photograph with subtle
words, into sentences professing my enamoured heart, you are a black pearl, an elegant albatross, you rise before every dawn and set with all
my hopes, you are my pillow down, my softest hello.

Like two holy temples, eroding time with outstretched columns reaching for one another, lifting each other up with mouths that can never be satiated, with fingers that when locked cannot be torn asunder, you drift
towards me never away, edging deeper and deeper into my flesh.

This is the world you have created, your genesis, your beginning that has no end, for these words will live forever, this ethereal wonderland of longing to be closer than close, and no matter how far it is always near, for I carry you like my breath always within, my lungs announce you, my lips speak only of you, forever.

Pt 7

So many needs, I waltz on pins, my craving fingers and eyes
your tangerine flesh that sears my lust with throbbing desire,
I am lost in a wilderness of delicious naughty thoughts,
blindfolds and ropes made of flesh, my flesh,
to wrap you in my abdomen, and feel the sky shriek at the sight of your naked ankles pinned against my walls,
oh what wicked nights satin sinks my shoulders, heavy breathing and wanting sighs,
to taste your strawberry valley, slowly, with an eager zest for more,
for all, to be consumed by passionate heat that cannot be measured in farenheit,
I want you, to swallow your orbs of radiant alabaster, gnawing with a
loving playfulness, to spur you on, towards my writhing form,
to impale your legs downward and see the moon thrusting beside me,
this night you are mine, and I am yours wholly,
nothing but hot sweat running in beads, and friction

Pt 8

Snowflakes feel this breath, and as you melt so do I,
these words like plush velvet that can lull the moon to sleep, words
that when spoken silence any windy doubters. Can you feel them echo down this most unusual forever? Do you sense it, can you feel
how these words trickling like ivy, seep into all the crevices, leaving nothing unturned, I have felt your leaves falling, I have climbed your
vines of disbelief. Put such thoughts to rest now petal.
Tonight you are a fair maiden, not in need of rescue but solace,
this evening you are a fairytale princess, a one slipper-ed Cinderella,
tonight is made up of quests and rescues. But most of all tonight
is devoted to love, requited love, love that gives itself with total reckless abandon.
Tonight the stars blush like diamonds, and while they twinkle,
the air perspires, the wind takes a long deserved rest, while two figures
make the night wish it was never going to end.
Yes my beloved this is about such things, about chocolate raspberry lips
tracing one another hungrily, about tongues of sugar trying to find new ways to get in, about candy floss legs that give up their secrets and wish that the night would linger, on and on until tomorrow breaks.
This is about such things my beloved, how when i cradle your manger, you rock to the hips grinding music, holding back the sensual songs you have longed to sing, this is a night of hands that hold destiny in a kiss of teeth, about kneading bodies that long to become mesh.
This is a night of dreams.

Pt 9

How solemnly bliss are these moments of flickering light,
how serene these nocturnal breaths like tides sweeping the sky,
sweeping in unpronounced and yet with such clarity of vision,
this is
a sky undone by your gaze, by your uncomplicated ways,
like a dove you hover in my light, speaking soft delights,
ushering in each new day, like a feather air bound and wistful.

How beauty shows its peach in each refined word you polish,
the way your lips wrap themselves around each letter and utter
them tenderly, naturally, the way they were meant to be spoken.

How can I follow such magnificent lines, flowing like a spring brook
shedding its winter retreat, cascading like blue waterfall, elegantly
falling from your tender pomegranate mouth into my reservoir.

I am fondling the dew here among a field of stars, sauntering like
a bumblebee, happy and gay, not a care in this world or any other,
your words take me away, whisked like a magic carpet to some
magical plateau high above any clouds known to man.

I hope that my words don't fall short, that I don't fumble or
falter, for you deserve perfect crafted honeydew syllables,
you deserve to be swept into the heavens on a chariot made of gold
kisses with arms that embrace you so tenderly that it makes a mother
weep with contented joy.

Forgive me if you hear my heart patter, I am feeling overwhelmed,
you have intoxicated my world with wine and song, made every hour
seem like it could not be outmatched, stretched the ocean with
strands of pure silk, made the nights taste like satin, and all I
can do is dream about your aquamarine distance, how miles apart
you inhabit every minute like time.

I would not trade my place with Mickey Mouse in Disneyland.

Pt 10

The Letter

How can I translate upon this page love's virtue, how is it possible to give a voice to
my heart that you have so fully inebriated with laurel, how when the wind whispers it is your song it warms and plants upon my lips.
My darling, the days minutes trace your outline, every centimeter of your silhouette framed like a masterpiece, the seconds like paint keenly brush stroked upon the canvas you have so gracefully decreed to my possession.
If I am to be its caretaker then I accept the honour willingly.
I feel the passion swell within me, engorging every facet of my being, my mind races in circles shaped like heartbeats, fluttering your sweet name.
My love time stands still and holds your hand, it writes each letter of your name with the most beautiful calligraphy ever handcrafted.
You are more perfect than a rose, every petal equally proportioned and imbued with divinty.
I take steps back in awe of your cherry blossom cheeks, your iridescent eyes that make me forget the minute that just swept by, and yet even there you linger.
My sweetheart our flesh is interwoven, together the tapestry sheds its silk in passionate lines, every letter belonging to this union that beams with sunshine.
You are the blue sky swimming, the leaves of autumn that bleed crimson
kisses, the winter white of every snow angel made with love.
You are love my dear, so please do not ask me to translate love's virtue,
let me just nestle upon your brow like a butterfly and soak in your radiance, let me sleep under your bedroom eyes aquamarine and dream of
nothing else.

Pt 11

Eternity is not long enough for me, my beloved picnic,
I am immersed in your pink folds, entwined in the blue buffet of you,
time ticks in the dew hours covered by our embrace,
meadow dreams and soft trickling waters, the sound of delicate wind
blowing gently against my ears, I am wrapped in the blue balloon sky,
floating somewhere above your gaze, silently admiring all that is you,
you are everything, how delectable a peach, how sweet the pulp I savour,
No eternity is not long enough for me, my thirst for you will linger
past such pebbles that time may throw our way,
my flesh craves your limbs embrace, I cling to your juicy feel,
your tangerine glow that lights my eyes with fiery passion that will not give way,
eternity is not long enough my beloved.

Pt 12

How does one touch a lily, gently of course, but how do you
handle such grace, such beauty. I hold you within these hands, delicate flower, within you I see my eyes returning to me. Such beauty to behold sways my thoughts to tall soft grasses dancing in the sunlight, innocence at play, meandering the hours and not counting. I feel the flesh on flesh play, gathering in my heart, all the world stops and all i hear is your breath. Your breathing lips summoning me, be mine, be mine.
Surely this is bliss, I feel my skin ripple seconds, minutes hours, I lose track nothing else matters, it all pales in comparison to you.
Tongues tasting plums, darting between in and out like a tango, I feel you
close in, surrounding all that is, was and will ever be. You are the hands of time, perspiring. I taste your salt, so sweet and alluring, you entrance all that I am. How do you hold a lily, just like this I hear my heart say, just like this.

Pt 13

As you awaken ,
before the day has had the chance to settle,
before the dew has fully been erased,
and the sun has not stretched fully,
May the dreams fall off you slowly,
gently rolling like feathers,
may soft rain mists touch you with my fingered words,
caressing you tenderly.
May this day be filled with the sound of my heartbeat,
like a friendly wind, embracing you,
cradling you with loving arms.
May this day shelter you in my warmth,
may it encircle you with my kisses,
so that all you see is my eyes, holding you,
this day is made of love, may it tickle you
in all the places my smile does,
may you know no worry, or feel no pain,
for we are more than two, we are one breathing wish,
one breathing whisper, we are this day.

Pt 14

When it rains purple you are the umbrella,
when the sky shades itself in gray you find the way to see it blue,
when the day feels more like night, you bring in the lightness,
when time tries to run away your hands make it walk,
whenever I am nomadic you become my oasis, my island retreat.

To you my safe haven tempest, the one who makes me shudder,
when my heart glows bright, when the smiles are inside.
Just for you,
I pen my devotion, I pledge my ink, I trace your paper eyes
with flowing tributes of kisses and when the dust settles
and sleep casts its neon, you are my anchor.

To you I surrender my soul, to you I bequeath my dream stars.
I give you every thought rendered, every syllable breathed,
every lines white cloud. I keep my eyes so I can see only you.

Pt 15

I felt the night feign and look away upon discovering your soulful words,
I heard the moon shudder, and trembling the sky dipped out of sight,
I saw the blue ocean drown itself in black water. Such things cannot
be permitted to happen my precious conch.
How can someone hold a rose and colour it anything but beautiful?
How can love be torn asunder so, it is shame that fills my heart.
Nobody should be able to take that away from one so precious.
From this moment on, not a minute will wane without my embracing
love, not an hour will pass without my tender hands holding your heart.
The time has come for the roots to take hold, today dawns a new day,
one where the power of true passionate love brings in the light and
ushers out the darkness, no more shadowy underworld.
Today my precious pebble you can blossom, cast out those
stones, for your heart will no longer be allowed to erode.
This is a brand new day, from this day forward , love speaks
not in whispers but it shouts with joy, it laughs with lips of glee.
Throw away all that was and today look in that mirror and know
that you are more than cherished my dear, you are worshiped.

The Muse Conversations Pt 16

Good Morning my darling,
Before I rise you are my sleepy dreams twinkling
My eyes breathe your peach flesh
I taste your thoughts and wishes sweet
Everywhere you mirror my heart
The autumn wind sings your name
Heaven wears your red beating garment
You are my ocean day, my sky night twinkling
I follow your moon, I crave your sun
I whisper your waves, you ripple me.

Pt 17

For you I will ascend the mountain republics
climb the scales of any height, I will forage in the rain soaked dirt,
I will swim any water-falling ocean, I will move any stone blockade,
open any door of thorns, nothing can deter this spirit now.

You have cleared all the bramble, diluted all the brine,
exhausted all my excuses, for to you I am an open book,
all my pages sheer and revealed, I cannot hide for the sky
would surely embrace your call.

I feel the weight of your presence surrounding me, your
eyelash substances, your fingernail manicured lips pouting
just so, how in a flicker I come undone, my heart racing like a
galloping mollusk towards your shores.

I am silk to your touch, my cheeks like reddened grapes,
my hands meeting this earth that is you.

How immaculate the sensations you arouse, how utterly
transparent my guise of feigning your kiss, how foolish a
man can be, I lose sight of my face in your face, I am
glass and you are crystal, shimmering diamonds and still.

I have tasted the roses blood in you, felt their petals tremble,
seen my heart flicker in the shadow of your lips of gossamer,
I am drowning in a sea of love, in a bliss so deep I can't tell
where the sky ends and the water begins.

But please don't save me.

Pt 18

Like a marble block you have chiseled away the excess,
your noble hands extracting my sculpture, slowly
and with such attention to detail, refining,
bringing to blossom my once granite features.

I stood watching your delicate trillium fingers,
delving deeper into my skin, molding and
furrowing to the roots, such delicacy the way
you accentuated these features, carving my flesh
like earth.

I could not help but ponder why? Why you would invest
so much time and effort into this lifeless figure?
And yet beneath this cold stone exterior, I felt my
heart stir like violin strings, the adagio you were
composing with each beautiful chip.

My armour has been exposed, you the butterfly who
gave me wings, wings to fly further than the sky,
to soar where air breathes life.

To where can I send my gratitude if not to the stars
that twinkle within your eyes, where do I announce my
thankfulness for your dexterity, your graceful touch
that sheds all my pasts, you gave me the light, you
ushered away all the darkness.

You are my temple, you are a pillar of soft white kisses, I am pierced eternally by your jasmine presence that builds and lifts me up like a column
of scented dew.

I am enamoured by you my architect, my darling
luminous cloud of silver linings, to you there is no end but only beginnings.

Pt 19

We are both castaways, adrift on an ocean of words, surrounded by a sky of fresh blue sentences,
a world where nothing else matters but the sounds of our joyous lines.
My angel breath, my apricot veil of tranquility, you subdue any gray wind and colour it sunshine, you imbue my heart with sugar embraced kisses.
I live on your island of rose petals, the fragrant mornings of bliss overcome all of my senses, filling my pen with thoughts of only you.
You are my dawn, my sunset and everything that runs between like the water that crashes against our shores,
you fill the sky with the sound of love.

Meadow pier standing still upon these footsteps, like a wave,
I cannot gallop, nor march, for sublime is how the clock ticks,
the wind ushers in its own agendas, like dignity and grace,
balance seems very much the order of the day, and yet, still
You stray outside the boundaries, hovering like an apparition of scarlet,
waiting like the night air, loitering like the sheets of any question or demand.
You hang like a perfect ornamental necklace around my throat, shimmering emerald, and my eyes were green with envy, how You and I reside there,
holding your lips in the angles of the kiss, looking out windows blue,
I remember olive groves and all the places there was only two, fields yellow
flowing like a river running out all over piers and meadows and just two.

Pt 20

I sit here upon a sky of ten thousand words
standing like a stone with blue wondering eyes
and like diamonds everything shimmers white
and levels like a plateau veranda yellow
and somewhere between the letter ankle and neck
you emerge like a rainbow arch without suggesting
I hammock here I sit upon a sky of ten thousand words
asking, answering, gathering at my knees vows

On the page that
stares at you empty,
it dares you to become you,
to create alabaster horizons,
to draw fine china skin soft,
to invent places and colours,
to see what is not there
and put it just so,
it involves no preconceptions,
no pretense
it just asks of you to
listen to your breath,
to grasp hold of the
passion that stirs and write,
bleed ink as if it was air.

Pt 21

Magnolia dove
mulberry moon
chamomile silhouette
of a rainbow

Because of you I levitate beyond the blue sky
my red balloon breaths of silk soft to your touch.

Because of you I walk water clouds of pollen
and do not question the wind beneath my feet.

Because of you rainbow rains embrace my skin
in drops of sweet myrrh , you the beads forming.

Because of you the skies smile azure and sigh
the weight of life falling away like yesterday.

Because of you night cradles my pillow sleep
and dreams not in a hurry but slowly gently.

Because of you tomorrow shines radiant cheeks
suggesting joy and laughter in the same word.

Because of you day becomes a companion true
and distance is a mere formality of twinkling stars.

Because of you Heaven is closer than the ground
and angels speak your name in silent whispering bliss.

You are the sun that bled for me
downward you beat like an angel
You the wind that caressed my skin
colouring my days like the sand
spelling my name.
You are the water living blue that
swam with me across oceans vast.
You my thought rainfall nights
that spoke to the moon with
nocturnal whispers.

You are my blessing.

Pt 22

I who looks at white and sees wonder
Me who wanders the sky’s hope
Myself whom knows the night
All of me who forgets to question

Oh magnanimous spring
Oh scarlet lighthouse of summer
Oh veiled crystalline autumn
Oh ventriloquist dew of winter

You are the alabaster moon
the ripened sun of grapes

I could fill every page
with landscapes
and the litany of ideas
and beauty.

So what am I left with beside exquisite,
besides eloquent lengths of pearl ankles
and scarlet blushes that touch Heaven,


Whatever you do, leave the sky where it is
let the air fall to the sea tourmaline
and when the quiet ascends hush white
whispers and when the dawn descends its
glacial curtain don’t bother to change

it couldn’t be more perfect.

Pt 25

I can stitch together paper boulders out of cotton
whistles and still the wind utters your scent, blue
fills the water ink dress of your brow, I stall sit
wanting, waiting like a turquoise whisper, silent,
how you extract my air with eyes of emerald wonder
the days that taste like you, chins and ankles sheer,
I can weave a thread silk stocking legs your limbs
architectural heights blossoming church where I worship,
kneeling under your nape curved silhouette,

The Poet

I made the rain soft fleshy peach, do you feel the pink beads of sweat?
Can you sense how I immerse your skin in my waters, how we drown in
the same tide pools.
I made the grey delicious, mysterious full of long probing fingers,
I gave it sight and hands to touch you with, inside and out.
I feel the rain my love, I feel it trickle down your mantle of curves,
running down slender folding channels, I feel it as if it is my breath.
I am the waterfall that splashes your bosom, I am the wet sky you run to for
We are osmosis, merging to emerge and merge again like the dew.
Let me swim in your waters, night or day, black or white.
Let me be swallowed up whole, I do not want to resurface.

i feel myself reaching for the ground, to make sure its still there
the sound conch and enveloping the stars
your eyes crystal and eroding my shells
i feel your architecture gathering around my knees and I am
falling like tiny pebbles from a cradle

The Poet

I have this desire, for all that is you
whether it be by tongue, your sweet taste,
whether it be by mind, your sexy way of thinking,
whether it be by hands, that cannot control the need to touch you,
whether it be by fingers, who want to unlock all your secret places,
i have a craving hunger to drink you up
to immerse my flesh in your flesh
to lose my way in your plush words
to embrace your lips with mine, this night and every night

The Poet

I love you no matter the hurt, or pain
I place no decrees upon you, I pledge only love,
unconditional and eternal.
I love you because you are who you are,
through the bruises and bumps,
I will undress you because to me naked is what you are,
carnal, true, unflinching, and yet still supple.
I love you more each moment, I feel your indecisiveness,
I realize you feel vulnerable as do I,But I love you regardless of doubts, I place no conditions upon this love.
I love you for what you are, not are becoming

The Poet

I am here and always will be
your safe haven, your biggest pillow,
your softest sky, here I am
with a heart that bleeds yours

The Poet

I ache for you in places long since gone cold
I thirst for your breath
I hunger for your soft skin brushing beside mine
I long for your strawberry kisses, your searching lips
I crave your thoughts, your exacting words, your insatiable curiosity
I am in love with all of this and more baby

Pt 26

I accept with an open heart your softly whispered caresses,
I offer my undying love and respect in return for your most graciously
gestured gift.
I love the way you say love, full of conviction.
I woke this morning like normal to the breathing of a dove, such
simple and understated words that hold me abreast.
I adore you my radiant butterfly, your wings glisten with me.
I will soar with you to untold summits,
I will investigate any depths, with you by my side.
I love you now, as I did yesterday, as I will tomorrow.
You are my pillow cradle, in your glow I submit my sleep.
I love you my darling angel.

Pt 27

Still closer, like an advent of hearts
opening like the sun upon this new day,
reaching for the wind with fingers yearning to feel.

I cling to your alabaster shoulders of peach,
you my steadfast fruit of desire, who prolongs my destiny.

Still closer to your nearness of hearth that wades in my eyes,
your slender limbs like legs of tall grass,
that saunter into my life like the days without hours.

Still closer, still closer to that infinite grace,
your gazelle like exterior that that extracts this tourmaline,
polishing and refining these words, as if they are predestined.

I adhere to you my new moon sun, my fallen angel, my glorious
blue sky, I am the tresses under your wings, holding you aloft.

Still closer, this granite interior eroding like sand, tiny glass
pebbles, smoothed by your eloquent ways that calm my storms.

This is an advent, I am getting closer, I can hear your heart beating,
I can sense you in me, I call for your touch, to be held by your flight,
I am nearing my love.

Pt 28

A Clearing

Their you go again, opulent and fabric silk lips
speaking about interwoven tapestries and chalk
board silhouettes of the finest silver and gold
leaf mouths that wrap themselves around and pout
like sunshine tinsel paper.
I look up to sky blue and not asking anything of me
or the window pane wind that whispers about curtains
shimmering like silver dollar charms, and all I can
remember, is the way the moon shone stars in your eyes.
I follow where I have never tread, and in that place where,
only you could take me, the dawn pokes me onward,
and the light gathers in the West valley
sunset, I see swan white kisses shaped like hearts,
and the sound of your smile.
Their you go again , spinning yarn gold trinkets
for me to trip over, in the mirrors vertical stare,
take me there.

Pt 29

I will have to circumnavigate the summit of Mt Vesuvius,
raise it from its ashes and tilt it on its axis, so that
water can speaks its liquid.
I would have to topple the Eiffel Tower steel, without damaging its architectural structured lines
of ink rust, brittle red and revealing my construction, one intricate syllable at a time.
I would need to swim the deepest skies without altering a single blue cloud, and jump over the rainbows you have so precisely placed like steeplechases for me to stride over.
You bring me to such plateaus of terra cotta realization, when the sun and sky meet in one beautiful eye, when the merging of all things
crowns every beautiful hour.
You beckon this voice from its nether channels,
producing its dew of papaya fruit, and pretty black seeds, that slip from your hand like ink.
You ask me to write you, like a lotus still blooming white flower, and when the petals sing, and the dolphins sigh melodious. It is here, oh yes it is here, where the horizon sheds the day, and upon the smile is only laughter. Here where when it unwinds all that is left is the strings of silk, the strands of honey, the most succulent nectar. Here that their is only you.

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