Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Muse Conversations Pt 41

All the minutes, every white road, all the blue stars everything is hedging me closer to you.All the lily linen sheets stirring your skin to speak silent embraces, all the hours asphyxiated and sweating wet heartbeats, clinging to vines like dew.Your divine lips chanting a melody in every blue note,singing of breaking waters and sandy shorelines.I feel your footsteps upon my thoughts brow,softly tracing my outline, penciling my eyes curiosity.I see you in tissue paper dreams and Styrofoam clouds,in tidy folded clothes in a closet.I hear you in the winds quiet laughter, smiling.I touch you in the meadows grass, long and slender.I retrace all the seconds, lingering in hours,loitering in days painted by your words.You are as soft as a petal, as strong as the sky.I feel you now more than ever, permeating my skin like pumice, gentle and tenderly brushing against my interior.You have become my flight, my standing still, my hesitant forward steps, my epiphany.

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