Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Muse Conversations Pt 34 & 35


How could their be nothing left to say, nothing left unsaid, you stayed never abandoning the night. I hold in my thoughts parchment tears rolled up and festering like a cold wind. It sends shivers of convalescing dreams across a lifetime of skies, heading nowhere and everywhere all at once, asking me , pushing me deeper to be swallowed by the sun. I cannot run nor hide among pillow stones standing waiting watching wondering to where I will surface next.
Today across the field of pebble, today amid the wreckage of a thousand sleepless nights, my nocturnal hands reach out to you, summoning you back from your deathless blue sleep.
This day is spurning my brow, turning my outsides in, calling your name from the highest summits I can hold.
This day begs for you, it kneels its shoulders upon your embrace asking pleading for your return.
Chivalry is not dead, it has languished in the quagmire of blood soaked battlefields awaiting the white dawn of truth. It is unforgiving and will not relent.
This day like an eddy, like an ebb and flowing lock of your hair, like the lips of your sweetest grace.
I will not let the hours have the last smile, this is my stand, and like a raven word I will not retreat, I look for you in the stars twinkle, in the iridescent watering crystal laugh of the moon. I feel you my heart beating pendulum. I await your words.


I set you free from the ghosts you cannot see
I release the shackle black pain, the raining water tears
of hours long ago past
I relinquish my hold of the wind, my parachute sky
I set you free blackbird, fly away

I surrender the reins of ink spilled in the margins
all the lines poorly composed, the syllables I spilled like blood
I surrender the consonants drum, the thumping verbs, the words
of so many silent sentences
I set you free blackbird, soar above the oceans vast
dive beneath sheets of sunshine and surface blue

I release the thorns and brambles, I set you free blackbird
free to swim any lands, free to walk any clouds

I relinquish the hours of holding you captive, let go of the chains,
your bondage is over, I set you free blackbird,
open all the windows white and doors shutters,
fly over the moon rainbow and sing.

I set you free from the ghosts you cannot name
i release the ropes of imprisonments smile
you are free, see the sky aquamarine and taste it

I set you free blackbird

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