Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Muse Conversations Pt 39 & 40


The sky feels conch today, all the clouds like jellyfish swimming towards you, the air heavily intoxicated by your sweet breath.The hours seem like a rift, a parting if you will, a temporary layover.Life plays its own hands, sorting and sifting, hurrying and delaying, the minutes we try to contain, the seconds like sand that slips through our hands.Across my eyes expanse, you fill the horizon, thoughts of you paint the land, everywhere you reside in the shape of honey.I can fill in all the blanks but one and that is you. I can number,colour and describe, punctuate and portray the wind and the water.But you somehow elude my words, your softness settles upon my brow like dew, and waits to be spoken.I feel coral and so full of palms, words try but cannot escape me,everything is reaching towards the sun, towards you.You are osmosis, I cannot dilute your potent salt, I taste your sea water and swelling, I tread your surfs and rolling tides,I swim only to drown in your cresting ways.I am drawn to your edges, to your center, we are emerging blue and full of so much promise.

Pt 40

I want to wrap you in lavender kisses, not allowing the wind to assume anything.I want to hold you in a hyacinth hug and forget about time.I want to nestle in your shallow brook and wade like a swan,all white and full of compromise.I want to sing like a dolphin, lovely blue notes soothing the sky and wind like a lullaby.I want to lay in your meadow lily, embraced by your fragrant wishes and linger like long minutes.I want to satiate my breath with your nectar ways, establishing my own reasons for wanting to be there.I want to cradle the moons orb and imagine how milk drapes your flesh in the night.I want to subdue the tempest distance, and collar the miles,bringing you closer and closer.I want this day to be unlike all the others, speaking only of you,writing only because of you.I want to pen something original, something heartfelt and tugging like strings, perhaps an Aria.I want you and nothing more, not for now, not for yesterday, but for every tomorrow I am blessed to have with you.

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