Monday, September 21, 2009

Autumn Evenings

Ode to Autumn

Ethereal ingots of crimson
spilt from heavens hands cover
the ground like maple petals,
blessings like prayers answered,
jewels of red precious honey
to be tasted and treasured.

My memory of fall and the shoulders
so willingly displayed in glorious
tunes that feel like a warm October

I weep like a poets lantern
rooted in smiling tranquility
lost in the grasp of wheat,
holding on like a clinging vine,
singing incantations of a sobering

Life is a season unlike this
for here beneath my feet the
ground crackles like a violin
soothing with quiet notes of umber.

I remember the rains of turquoise laughter,
jumping into mounds of musty mystery
never quite sure what lay at the bottom.

I remember colours of a rainbow wish
uttering childhood days when time
was a companion, I recall in vivid
silhouettes the dawn mornings,
crisp and invigorating.

Autumn my eternal comrade
walking hand and hand through my hours
like a faithful puppy
who sighs in bright red eyes.

Kevin Harling.

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