Friday, September 18, 2009

Poetry Summer 09

Where is the Truth: A Satire

Elijah the porcupine could synchronize time
while speaking in hieroglyphs standing on two feet
which would seem rather ornery if you were a God.
But lie detectors seldom tell the truth nowadays.

A basket of marzipan angels waded down the river
Thames on its way to Jerusalem, Ohio
in the United States of it never existed until

The night sky is no longer inhabited by stars
but cut out cardboard comets painted neon pink
so they look pretty convincing to outsiders.

You see nobody lives down here anymore except
Bullfrogs and SUV'S.

God sat in his high chair revising Genesis
watching television on his diamond Rolex Rolodex
in black and white HD.

The Teletubbies wore transparent latex and talked
to mirrors made of plexiglass asking questions
they already knew the answers to.

Milky white raindrops made of licorice bounced
off the pavement, it was Day One.

Their was no "Big Bang", it was more like a soft
shuffle of slippers and the switch was flicked to on. The vacuum lights started dancing like a disco
strobe light.

Of course there was light, primordial albeit but the darkness had been erased just like that.

Elijah thought he was dreaming as he looked into the sky which was cobalt blue and cloudless. The figure
he saw descending down the escalator which seemed to
go on forever, looked smaller than an ant and upside down with a beard made of white candy floss.

The descent to the ooze took 23 hours and 47 minutes,
at least that is what the Three Wise Owls said speaking
in some sort of gibberish that sounded more like
"Revolution 9" played backwards on a turntable.

It was Day Two. God looked upon the flowing horizon of maple syrup and pondered, with a flick of his wand and the words Abracadabra, day became night
and night day, hmmm he said "I like that", and now lets turn the ooze into a land of snakes and ladders,
and presto it was so.

The cappucino maker percolated over filling the air
with the smell of Chamomile Mint coffee and God made
Styrofoam cups. "Time for a break", he uttered to himself.

On the morning of Day Three while reading "Heaven's Standard", Elijah contemplated how sand could become glass while eating green ham and eggs whipped up by Chef Suess. It was horrendously delicious.

Suddenly out of nowhere skyscrapers appeared made of
porcelain with doors where the windows should have been. Briars, brambles and thickets covered the streets and were lit up with fiber optics so
everywhere looked like Christmas minus the snow.

God looked outward from his hammock which resembled
the San Francisco Bridge although it was purple instead of red. "This is good, I need a nap", he said. Day Four is tomorrow, cool!

Elijah thought he was in Wonderland, which is odd
if you are a porcupine with an IQ of 437.

God awoke and set to work. In the morning he drew
beaches made of blood oranges, the dunes composed of kiwi, bright vermilion. It was a magic brush of course. The canvas was invisible to the naked eye but
could be seen with a kaleidoscope.

We need to people this place called Eden and so with a flick of his wrist,
snowmen made of sponge toffee dressed in suits made of fig leaves, began walking around in wonder.

"This paradise is magnificent", Elijah overheard
them say in Morse code.

It was the Fifth Day and sprinkling fairy dust,
God created I robots and Panda Bears that knew Ju Jit Su. He gifted the I robots with sign language
and the ability to recharge without electricity
because he had no need for power plants or pollution. He looked out upon

his creation and said, "This is better than good."

On the Seventh Day he rested lounging around in his pajamas, drinking Pina Colada's with the Panda's who became loud and obnoxious. So he had them evicted from the garden and sent to Africa because it was hot and had a big desert.

It was 7pm and so God returned to whence he had come, very pleased with himself. The escalator
retracted like an accordion which seemed to go on

Elijah heard him say, " do not worry for I shall return one day, you will see it live on CNN, so make sure you pay your cable bills."

Elijah watched him disappear in a show of amazing
pyrotechnics which would put any KISS show to shame,
and he wondered, where is the truth in all of this.

Kevin Harling

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