Friday, September 18, 2009

Inspired By Elytis

Ode To "The Monogram"

Are you listening?
when epiphany molts like blood
upon the sleeves of fate
like the face of fury and handles,

Are you listening?
to sound that wades like night
these ivy lips call out to Zeus
like a lion reborn in the stars,

Are you listening?
you who made my mouth salt
acrid and barren, tempest
you who laughs with my heart,

Are you listening?
can you fathom my words of silk
my loss that scoffs emerging
soured by leaving, by departures
by eulogies that mock this parting
can you taste this like all our yesterdays
that haunt the moonlit seas,

Are you listening?
the one who soothed and impaled my sorrow
with your timid and tepid goodbyes
can you feel my limbs gasp
in breathless strokes and sheets
can you?

Are you listening?
my bitterness,
sweet love who holds my wishes
in days sailing like a windy gale
who sank my ocean with depths of kisses
and embraces that taint my walls with satin,

Are you listening my beloved?
you sold the stars like ashes
broke my knees with cold black stares
like ice to my eyes I wince laughing
can you hear me?
can you tear what is left of tomorrow
from inside my heart and ears,

Are you listening?
i am torn by your interiors
chained by the sweat of your galloping fingers
plagued by your nails on my skin
at a loss for memory and the sound of the sea
for the lashing of entwined legs
that gather around waists

my ancient love, my somber goodbye

Kevin Harling

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