Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Behind Today

Truths a Blister

I have spent a lifetime in the rear-view mirror
chasing the wind with my sails.

I have lingered in past memories like a chalkboard
that can never be totally erased.

I have sought forgiveness like applause with a
syringe full of misplaced vanity.

I have scaled inhuman mountains hunting for
rainbows and a suitcase full of gold.

I have searched for compassion in the closet
and wondered if it was in my suit pocket.

I have longed for love in all the wrong faces
and even now am not sure what it is.

I have exercised caution with a blindfold
to scared to reach out and touch.

I have kept the world at a distance, feigning
affection behind locked doors.

I have bargained away freedoms for the sake
of a few more dollars and still been broke.

I have defended bias opinions to be in the
"in crowd" like a court jester.

I have wrestled with angels in a sky filled
with mud and still not believed in miracles.

I have told lies to lies and wondered what
colour truth is.

I have stolen sleep during the twilight
throwing stars like little pebbles.

I have breathed air as if it was not precious
and dressed my hours like a clown.

Kevin Harling.

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