Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tuesday September 21st/2009

A Life in Question

I have submerged myself in the skies, searching for the meaning of clouds. I have allowed the sea to subdue the salt, never wondering how it tasted. I have borrowed angels wings and searched for Heaven without ever leaving the ground. I have touched honey periwinkle dreams with eyes half closed, plunging my shadow into the path of light. I have ambled and argued with significance turning indifference into a country fortified by razor wire borders. I have tossed crystalline words across valleys of amaranth, martyring the forests and barefoot hills. I have bought copper chalk hope and wrapped it in gold paper just to impress the stars. I have satiated my hunger, climbing vines of sorrow and pity, and never understood how to breathe. I have lamented loss like a stray lamb, crying out to shepherds in a minefield of tigers. I have studied defeat standing knee deep in black water and only requested a bigger umbrella. I have filled volumes of orchards with all the wrong apples, throwing mineral questions as if they were stones. I have lived a life in a night full of translucent promises, naked and full of thorns, dropping bones as if they were raisins. I have leaped when I should have stayed, wept when the tears should have smiled, departed when I should have arrived. I have lived a life full of compromise, satin to the eyes and stinging like a bumblebee. I have lived pollen excuses and removed myself to glacial retreats to ponder my very existence. I have lived indeed, facing agony with saber-tooth teeth, quivering like a lost child. I am still here today as I was yesterday and the day before that and so on and so on. The hours bleed tangerine and the skies tremble blue pins, I have looked for the answers and in the seeking have discovered an ocean of sentences painted on paper.

Kevin Harling.

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