Friday, September 18, 2009

Rambling into the Wind


From the basement picture shingle
this floor we are standing upon in
the solitude moonlight window sill
and seeping water grass yellow blue
the greening effect of residues and
what sits beside you corner shade of
the issues pressed glass and veneer
shellac and forest vine root do you
become delicate in the light shadow
face pink and discreet do you know
from beneath the stairs door and tomorrow
is just a door we can walk through.

Kevin Harling

Evening Songs

Raven thigh night sheer black
crawling like my skin, seconds
echo like sand ceiling sky and
blushing palms congregate land
valleys of light and arching sun
the moons shadowed face and mirror
looking for the sins and, hands
entwined secrets touch and sssh.

Kevin Harling

Above The Clouds

Seconds aloof trampled just like the paper
fingers and hands that spill on the table
dice rolling clouds and how to hold them,
losses translated not by degrees shades green
tourmaline trampoline and the gondolas view
from the terrace of tuscany and bartered by,

appointments missed vanishing like ghosts days
hours windows the debates you chose the wrong side,
and what you missed eyes black and confused,

sitting waiting blue sky moving the hills you
just can't seem to rise above pastures moss
and all the lichen gathering winds and storm,

I profess no stars or oceans demise but wonder
outward peering eagle and soaring high above
water, wind fire and earth all the way to Heaven.

Kevin Harling


Titanium curtains
adorn the window
wall sitting vertical
in a horizontal
sort of way,
the day falls
like the leaves
outside the shuttered
view of my glasses
of sun,
a cup brimming
with sunlight spills
over the sides
and everywhere
red blots the lines
covering the trellis,
I ponder the rain
that feels like tin
against my ankles,
I ponder the hours
of salt that taste
like brine
eroding my complexion
of the place,
I ponder the shadows
light in the mirror
on the ceiling
the way it adjusts
the perspective angle
admire the sparkles.

Kevin Harling

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