Friday, September 18, 2009

Today Smiles Goodbye to Tomorrow

Today as Tomorrow was Yesterday

Brown paper sentiments
fill the aisles of
this heart
like corrugated smiles
and laughter
chuckling like
wind filled
balloon ashes
of white.

I can sense your disapproval
weighing in already
and I am only
half finished
so I guess i will continue,
I saw the bus windows
glancing as they
rushed by heading
straight south.

sat on the ledge
of the taxidermists
store looking bored
with their
current position,
and I couldn't help
but notice how
puffed up
all their hopes
must be.

But I don't want to meander
like a lazy river
bending plastic
walking like an umbrella
slightly aloof
I paced the hallway
of the page
with fine print
collecting adjectives
because they were on sale.

I grabbed a hold of
some adhesive,
and began sticking
them to my thoughts,
hoping to remain coherent,
trying to stay economic and

I wonder if you'll
get but never mind
that now.

I took the bag
full of sentiments
determined to
to make the day
whimsical and
full of smiles
and laughter.

Kevin Harling.

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